How was the Solid Waste Task Force involved with the new contract?

In June 2021, City Manager Michael Goodrum appointed a 17-member Solid Waste Task Force to develop the recommendations for the future of solid waste and recycling in Sugar Land, with the existing Exclusive Solid Waste and Recycling Franchise Agreement expiring in March 2023. The Solid Waste Task Force developed service level and program development recommendations based on public surveys and online town halls. These recommendations were reviewed by City Council and incorporated in the City’s request for proposals.  

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1. Are my service days changing?
2. Why are my service days changing?
3. Why are these changes happening if we haven’t changed vendor?
4. How was the vendor selected?
5. How was the Solid Waste Task Force involved with the new contract?
6. Why was the same vendor selected versus someone else?
7. When will final implementation take place?
8. What about Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)?
9. What service levels are included in the new contract?
10. Who do I contact if I have missed trash?
11. What counts as a “personal container” for green waste?
12. What if I don’t put green waste in a clear bag?
13. Why does green waste have to be in a clear bag?
14. When is my bulky waste day?
15. How do I request bulky waste?
16. Who do I call to report a solid waste violation?