What type of drones does the Police Department have?

The Police Department has two (2) Drones, 

  • DJI Matrice 300 RTK
    • Maximum Speed – 51 mph
    • Maximum Range – 9.3 miles
    • Flight Time – 55 minutes
    • Weight – 20 pounds
  • DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advance
    • Maximum Speed – 45 mph
    • Maximum Range – 6.2 Miles*
    • Flight Time – 31 minutes
    • Weight – 2.5 pounds

* Drones flown by SLPD Police Officers must remain in Visual Light of Sight (VLOS).  An exception to flights beyond visual light of site, is through an approved FAA Waiver for First Responders, Tactical Beyond Visual Light of Sight (TBVLOS).  TBVLOS is only to be used in extreme emergency situations to safeguard human life.  The drone must remain within 1500 feet of the Pilot in Charge (PIC).

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