Will my log-in information change?

Your log-in information remains the same.

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1. Is this a real bill from the City of Sugar Land?
2. Will I have to re-enroll in auto pay, bank draft, or e-bills?
3. Will my log-in information change?
4. What additional information will I be able to see when I login?
5. Now that this is a full sheet of paper, is this going to increase my bill?
6. Why did the City switch from the postcard to a full-size bill?
7. When I pay online or via phone, will I have to change how I enter my account number?
8. If I forget to pay my bill, will I receive a reminder?
9. Will I be able to view copies of my bills online now?
10. Will the time I receive my bill change?
11. Will I have the option to select my due date with this change?
12. Will my e-bill look different?