What format should be used when submitting an SOQ?

Please submit SOQs in PDF format with a maximum of 15 pages, including: introduction letter, structure of organization, disciplines of expertise and examples of projects. *Please note the City cannot accept SOQs on flash drives due to our IT security policy.

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1. How often are Pre-Qualification Presentations offered?
2. How long are the Pre-Qualification Presentations?
3. Is there a particular topic to be discussed during the Pre-Qualification’s Presentation?
4. How do we schedule a Pre-Qualification Presentation?
5. Are Pre-Qualification Presentations required to do business with the City of Sugar Land?
6. When do we submit our SOQ?
7. Is there a document guideline for SOQs?
8. What format should be used when submitting an SOQ?
9. How long does each SOQ stay active in the library?
10. What should the company do to extend their SOQ in the library another 2 years?
11. Who should I contact if I have any questions pertaining to the process?
12. What City staff attends the prequalification presentations?
13. Where is the presentation held?