Who will be involved with creation of the Mobility Master Plan?

The mobility master plan will involve a variety of stakeholders, the most important of which is the residents of Sugar Land. The Mobility Task Force, made up of 22 residents of Sugar Land and its Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, will guide the Mobility Master Plan development and ensure all voices from the community are heard and represented in the Plan. Members represent diverse mobility interests, including drivers, cyclists, walkers, transit users, seniors, parents of school children, people with disabilities, major employers, and local businesses. In addition to the Task Force, the general public, representatives from local businesses, city officials, professional advisors from regional governmental agencies, city of Sugar Land staff and the project consultant will be involved in the Plan development.

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1. What is the Mobility Master Plan?
2. How is the Mobility Master Plan different from the Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan or the Master Thoroughfare Plan?
3. Who will be involved with creation of the Mobility Master Plan?
4. When will the Mobility Master Plan be adopted and implemented?
5. Will the Mobility Master Plan result in an increase to our property taxes?