Assistant Fire Chief Javier Crespo

Emergency Services

Sugar Land Fire & EMS – Emergency Services Division is the operational arm of the organization. It provides core emergency services, including emergency medical response and transport, fire response, technical rescue, hazardous materials mitigation, and aquatic response to the citizens of Sugar land, ETJ, daily business population, and visitors. Resources are spread throughout seven fire stations within the city limits and ETJ.

The Emergency Services Division includes all shift operational personnel and the Logistics Group. SLFE’s operations are divided into three shifts, each led by a Duty Battalion Chief. Each shift battalion chief is responsible for daily operations of shift activities and is the on-scene incident commander as needed during emergency events.  SLFE operates using a full career staff providing coverage to the citizens 24/7/365.

Organizational Statement

Sugar Land Fire-EMS Emergency Services provides a set of activities creating value in planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling processes supporting the department’s objectives. Emergency Services has a firm foundation in the management of emergency response and control, supported by logistics and supply chain management.
Additionally, emergency services require a strong training, and personnel development system to augment service delivery and responsibly manage operational processes for proper risk management of responders and the community.

The community is the center of importance for Sugar Land Fire-EMS Emergency Services and developing a working relationship between the various groups in the community and the department creates a variety of opportunities bringing the process of learning, supporting, responding, and controlling to improvement in safety and quality of life for the citizenry of Sugar Land.

Sugar Land Fire-EMS Emergency Services is committed to providing the best emergency response and control through planned logistical support, trained responders, and within a community centered perspective.

Education & Career

Javier Crespo is the Assistant Fire Chief of Emergency Services at Sugar Land Fire-EMS. Javier brings 29 years of strong experience in operational management and emergency response. A strong believer in the power of team work, autonomy, and alignment in emergency operations, Chief Crespo is charged with the responsibility of planning, leading, tough conversations, and accountability in the areas of logistic services, community engagement, fire and EMS services, and personnel training and development.

Chief Crespo is a retired soldier, a hazardous materials technician, a master firefighter and holds a B.A.A.S of Emergency Management Administration form West Texas A&M, and a Masters of Business Administration from the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University.