Emergency Notification System

Providing your contact information ensures you receive urgent community alerts. (During the sign up process, citizens will be asked to input a zip code. Citizens should list either 77478 or 77479; avoid using new U.S. Post Office zip codes.)

Set Up Your Account

Sugar Land has acquired a state-of-the-art notification system to quickly communicate with citizens by residential, business or cell phone as well as e-mail, text message or devices for the hearing and speech impaired.

Upon signing up, you can expect to receive alerts such as:

  • Emergencies
  • Changes in solid waste schedules
  • Scheduled or Anticipated Power Outages
  • Drought Contingency Plan Changes
  • Street/Sidewalk Construction
  • Anticipated Water or Sewer Interruptions
  • Scheduled Road Closure
  • City Service Interruption/Change

Reach of the System

Sugar Land's emergency notification system reaches thousands of citizens with one phone call. The service is a web-based solution that allows authorized staff members to send messages via the public telephone networks, as well as by text and email. And, if no computer or Internet connection is available, emergency calls can be made using any telephone to access the Emergency Notification System.