Water Conservation Plan

The components of this Water Conservation Program have been chosen to continue the City‘s commitment to providing safe and plentiful water to residents and businesses while at the same time promoting a comprehensive effort to reduce wasted water and efficient use of our water resources.

About the Plan

Dependable and available water sources have demanded attention as the City’s population grows and water resources regulations change. In response to these needs, the City created this Water Conservation Program:
  • As an effort to mitigate the costs of the partial conversion to surface water as mandated by the Fort Bend Subsidence District (30% by 2013 and 60% by 2025)
  • To follow due diligence in reducing water waste on the supply side
  • To educate our residents and utility customers on the importance of water conservation
  • To promote demand-side conservation
This program incorporates both the City Council’s Policy on the Promotion of Water Conservation and the City’s Water Conservation Plan / Drought Contingency Plan (WCP / DCP) required by the State of Texas.