Shopping Safety Tips

No one wants to become a victim of crime. Robbery, assault, burglary and theft are crimes that can happen to unaware citizens. Please take a few minutes to learn some tips on shopping safely.

Before You Leave Home

  • Plan your shopping trip carefully. Know where you are going and what routes you will take to get there
  • If possible, arrange for a companion to go with you. There is safety in numbers
  • Let someone know where you are going and what route you are taking. Additionally, let them know when you expect to return

When You Are Driving

  • Keep all your doors locked at all times
  • Choose a well-lit and traveled route even if you believe it is out of your way
  • Never allow your full tank to become less than half full
  • Never pick up hitch hikers
  • Do not stop to help strangers. Call the police to assist them
  • Avoid confrontations with strangers or with others who might seek to follow you to continue the confrontation

When You Park Your Car

  • Park in a well-lit area
  • If you are parking during the day and returning to your car after dark, check for street and building lights
  • Always lock all your doors
  • Remove all electronic items, such as calculators, radar detectors, and all packages from your car. Place them in the trunk or glove compartment, out of sight
  • Avoid parking near vans or other vehicles with covered cargo areas
  • Look around the parking lot for suspicious persons before you get out of your car
  • Avoid carrying large handbags. Carry only what is necessary
  • Shop in groups whenever possible. Use the buddy system
  • Don't get out of your car until you are ready. If you don't feel safe, stay in the car or drive away

When You Return to Your Car

  • Never leave the store with your arms full of packages. Use a courtesy cart
  • Have your car key in hand, ready to unlock your door
  • Check the parking lot for suspicious people and look around before you exit the store
  • If you feel unsafe, always ask the store security to assist you to your car
  • If you are parked near a van or other vehicle with a covered cargo area, it is a good idea to return to the store and ask a security officer to accompany you
  • Check underneath, in front and in back of your car before you enter it
  • Check the front and rear passenger seats inside your car before you enter it
  • Place all packages in the trunk compartment and out of sight

When You Are Returning Home

  • Frequently check your rear-view mirror to see if you are being followed. If you feel like you are being followed, do not go home. Drive to the nearest police station, fire station or other place of safety
  • Use your cell phone, if you have one, to call the police. Try to obtain a license plate number, how many people are in the car and a good description of the car that you believe is following you

If Your Car Breaks Down

  • If you are off the roadway, raise the hood of your vehicle then get back into your car and lock the doors
  • If you have a cellular telephone, call for help
  • If a stranger stops, lower the window only enough to allow you to request that they contact the police for you. Refuse all other help
  • If someone tries to force their way into your car, turn on your headlights and begin blinking them and blow your horn at the same time to attract attention and help

Additional Tips

  • Avoid carrying cash
  • Use checks whenever you can
  • Carry only those credit cards that are necessary for the store you shop

If you have any questions about these tips or how to prevent crime from occurring, please contact the Sugar Land Police Department's Crime Prevention Office at 281-275-2575.