Safe Light Sugar Land

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 1631 on June 1st, 2019, banning the use of red light cameras in Texas.

All red light cameras in Sugar Land were turned off on June 2, 2019. Therefore, no violations were issued after the signing of the bill. With the recent legislative changes, the City of Sugar Land terminated the contract with American Traffic Solutions effective June 13, 2019. 

On June 25, 2019, the Sugar Land City Council approved Ordinance 2164 officially repealing the photographic traffic signal enforcement system.

Outstanding Fines and Fees

All outstanding notice of violations, regardless of the date of violation, are exempt from payment responsibility and no further administrative hearings will be scheduled or heard. 

No refunds will be issued for violation payments already processed.

Approximately 23 percent of violations issued throughout the program remain unpaid.  Due to House Bill 1631 prohibiting operating and issuing violations from a photographic traffic signal enforcement system, all fines and fees are no longer being collected.

Traffic Safety Plan for the Future

Police officers will monitor red light camera intersections for violations. With the absence of technology as a force multiplier (allowing officers to be used elsewhere), additional officers and funding will be requested through the budget process.

  • FY20 requested 1 full-time officer in the budget process
  • FY21 upon analysis may request 2 full-time officers in the budget process

Budget requests based on:

  • Manning 6 intersections previously covered by red light cameras
  • Five days a week, Monday-Friday
  • Four hours per day, 2 in morning rush hours and 2 in evening rush hours

Overview of the Safe Light Sugar Land Program

  • Authorized by City Ordinance 1628 on July 17, 2007
  • Approved as an enhancement to existing services in FY08
  • Cameras installed at 8 locations initially
  • The technology was a force multiplier allowing officers to be used elsewhere

Analysis of the Program

  • Annually, the Police Department conducted an analysis of all traffic data, vehicle crashes, and red light camera violations and reported results to TxDOT
  • The implementation of red light cameras in Sugar Land resulted in a 58 percent reduction in accidents at targeted intersections from 2009-2012.
  • Approximately 70 percent of violators did not live in Sugar Land.
  • Those who received a red light ticket rarely received a second ticket. Eighty-nine percent of the license plates sent a violation notice never received a second notice.
  • Rear-end crashes at all red light camera intersections remained consistent and low with an average of 12 annually from 2012-2017.

Camera Adjustments

  • 3 cameras were removed based on improved compliance
    • 2011 - Hwy 59 @ Sugar Lakes Blvd (SB)
    • 2011 - Hwy 59 @ Hwy 6 (NB)
    • 2012 - Hwy 6 @ Hwy 59 (EB)
  • 4 cameras were added based on high accidents and requests made by citizens for speeding & running of red lights
    • 2013 - (NB) Dairy Ashford/90A
    • 2013 - Dairy Ashford/90A (WB)
    • 2016 - 90A/Eldridge/Lombardy
    • 2017 - University/Elkins (WB)
  • Cameras were at nine locations prior to termination of the program.

Revenue from the program and how funds were spent

  • The owner of a vehicle photographed running a red light was subject to a $75 fine.
  • Revenue from red light cameras represented approximately one percent of the City's general fund operating budget prior to termination of the program.
  • The revenue from red light penalties was first used to cover expenses from the program.
    • Salaries and overtime for staff administering the program
    • Operating costs for collection of fees
    • Costs to maintain and replace cameras
  • The remaining funds were split 50/50 between the State and City.  These net revenue was placed in the City’s general fund to be used only for traffic safety programs, intersection improvements, public safety programs and traffic enforcement, including the Safe Light Sugar Land initiative.
  • The City share of the Net Revenue was used to fund projects such as:
    • Dynamic message signs
    • Traffic Management Center
    • Traffic Signal Management
    • Traffic evaluation and safety improvements
    • University Blvd/ Wentworth speed radar signs
    • SH6/ US59 Triple Left Turn
    • Easton Ave Bridge to US90A
    • Sweetwater Blvd/ Lexington left turn

Fiscal Year
City Share of Net Revenue
Grand Total       

*as of 6/30/19

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