Facility Reservations and Special Events Options


A park facility reservation must be done in person at the Imperial Park Recreation Center (open 7 days a week). Reservations for the T.E. Harman Center must be made in person at that facility only. The T.E. Harman Center is open 5 days-a-week, Monday — Friday.


A deposit is due when you make your reservation and the rental fees are due 10 days before your event. Please see the policy below for more information.

Community Center and Pavilion Policy

The following are for rental policies for community centers and pavilions.


Imperial Park Recreation Center

 Athletic Facility

The following are rental policies for Athletic Facilities.

Special Events
Interested in hosting an event in Sugar Land? Inquire about options and special events permits.

For Events at City Parks

 Email or call the Parks and Recreation Department at 281-275-2885.

For Events at other Sugar Land Locations

Go to Visit Sugar Land's website and review the special events permit guidelines or call Convention & Visitors Services at 281-275-2045.