Future Land Use Plan Map

Plan Information

The Future Land Use Plan Map is a component of Chapter 6 (The Land Use Plan) of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. A 2012 update to the Future Land Use Plan Map incorporated general plans, such as Telfair, Imperial, and Riverstone, adopted since the map was last updated in 2004, and additional minor corrections. The update also included direction from City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission regarding the preferred scenario for development of land in the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) south of the Brazos River. New land use classifications for rural / agricultural, estate residential, and general commercial were included in the updated map and will be further defined in a project that began in late 2012, to update Chapter 6 of the Comprehensive Plan.


Public hearings were held at Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council meetings in spring 2012, to hear and receive feedback on the draft update to the Future Land Use Plan Map. On June 19, 2012, City Council approved Ordinance No. 1860, adopting an update to the Future Land Use Plan Map.