Construction & Remodel Requirements

Food establishments may not be constructed, remodeled or altered except in accordance with plans and specifications approved by the city. The plans for an establishment must be submitted in compliance with the requirements for obtaining construction permits. For additional information regarding these requirements, please contact the Permits and Inspection Department at 281-275-2270. In addition, the guidelines detail the Food Establishment program requirements for plan submittal and construction / remodel activities.

Construction Completion

Upon completion of the construction / remodel of an establishment, the Food Inspection program will conduct pre-operational inspections before the establishment begins operation. The Senior Sanitarian will work with food establishments to provide a courtesy pre-opening inspection before a final pre-opening inspection. An establishment must pass the final pre-opening inspection in order to obtain a Food Establishment Permit.

Should you have any questions regarding the construction / remodel process for a food establishment or when you feel that your establishment is ready for a pre-opening inspection, please contact the senior sanitarian at 281-275-2170.