Utilities and Solid Waste

Water Utility Rates

The fiscal year 2024 budget includes increases to water and wastewater rates beginning January 1, 2024. After three years of implementation from a 2021 rate study, the utility system is in the maintenance phase of the plan. The recommended increase for utility rates will result in an approximate $3 increase per month for residential customers. This new rate allows the utility system to keep up with the cost of inflation to avoid large increases in the future. The utility system is self-supporting, meaning that no property taxes go toward operating the system. The utility system is supported through charges for services paid by users of the system. Adjustments to the utility rates are necessary to provide funding for operational needs, debt payments and investment in system infrastructure for future needs.

Note: based on historical consumption, our average residential customer uses less than 10,000 gallons and the citywide winter average is 6,260 gallons.