Redevelopment in Sugar Land

Sugar Land has always been a trailblazing city - fearlessly forging new paths and surpassing expectations while delivering top-tier services to our residents. According to our last Citizen Satisfaction Survey, 95% of residents love calling Sugar Land home and 10% say that nothing would make their lives better than it already is.

Yet, we know that we cannot rely on accomplishments of the past to ensure future success. Every city has a lifecycle and we are facing ours  - right now. 

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History has plenty of cautionary tales about organizations that didn't feel they needed to evolve, resulting in their slow slip into irrelevancy. This is not a path we want Sugar Land to take. We aspire to be more like Amazon and Apple – ambitious, innovative, forward-thinking, and obsessed with making the world better. Neither was above rendering their own products irrelevant in favor of the next best thing.

So we are asking ourselves the hard question: what are we doing now to be trailblazers for the future?

With limited developable land left until we are completely built out, we know we are at the decision point where we can either be aspirational or go into decline. Doing nothing is not an option – we need to change, or time will make changes for us.

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We must redefine growth, we must look at how to get the best and highest use of the land we have remaining - so we can keep property taxes low while maintaining the quality-of-life services and amenities our residents expect.

The decisions made for remaining city acreage become critical for the long-term strength of the city. Having the right land uses and development styles helps achieve the goals and guiding vision of our community as laid out in the Land Use Plan.

So, where do we GROW from here?

The city cannot do this alone. So we are asking you to join us. Together, we can be trailblaze by creating new paths and breaking new ground. Small steps - like welcoming a new neighbor to the neighborhood, making an effort to get to know others from different backgrounds, participating in neighborhood events, such as block parties or community gatherings, and extending a helping hand to your neighbors when they need it are all examples of trailblazing.  

Trailblazing is also being an involved resident in the issues that affect your everyday life. It means sharing your community improvement ideas with city staff, and showing up to express your thoughts on those issues that you support - not just oppose.

Will you join us?



We are working on trailblazing initiatives aimed at creating a better future for all residents and businesses that call Sugar Land home.




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