Permits Estimation Guide (PEG)

The Permits & Inspection Estimation Guide (PEG) aims to streamline the permitting process by helping applicants determine where a specific project is allowed, which permits will be needed and provide a cost estimate - all without calls, emails, or visits to the Permitting office.

Keep in mind

  • Information provided by PEG is subject to final approval by city staff.
  • Final costs will be determined during the application process and could vary from the PEG estimate.
  • Permit application submissions, processing and payments are only accepted through the Citizen Self Service portal.
  • If  you have questions or concerns, please contact the Permit office, 281-275-2270.

Using the Permits Estimation Guide

Step 1

Access the Permits Estimation Guide (PEG) and select your project type.


Step 2

PEG will guide you through different questions relating to your project. A few examples will be:

  • Project Type (new construction, remodeling, other)
  • Building Type
  • Location (you will be able to enter an address or click on a map)

Step 3

Required permits and fees.

  • As you continue to provide details about your project, you will see a list of required permits and associated fees.

Step 4

You will be provided with a project details page where you'll be able to verify the information. From this step, you can:

  • Create a PEG account to save your project information for later use
  • Begin the application process - PEG will direct you to the Citizen Self Service portal to start the process.