Capital Improvement Program

The City of Sugar Land's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) has been developed in order to further our commitment to the citizens of Sugar Land.

The Engineering Department manages the development of the annual five-year Capital Improvements Program and oversees the implementation of ongoing and new projects. Engineering Department performs contract administration and inspection during construction.

More information on the CIP:

SL4B Joint CIP Program
The SL4B Joint CIP Program is an opportunity to enhance the community through projects initiated by community-based organizations for public improvements in which SL4B participation will increase the quality or scope and/or decrease the time of development.



  • Budgeted funds each fiscal year will not exceed $200,000.
  • SL4B may fund a lesser amount of 50% or $75,000 of the total project cost.

Project Criteria

  • The project must comply with this policy and State eligibility requirements for SL4B funding.
  • The project cannot conflict with any existing City of SL4B plans or policies.
  • The project must be located within the City’s corporate limits.
  • The project must be located on public property, easement or enhance or protect public property.
  • The applicant must demonstrate its financial ability to fund its share.
  • Construction must not have begun, as pursuant to state law, a public hearing is required before any funds are spent on a project.


  • The deadline for requests is the first business day in January each fiscal year.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered in the order received on a case-by-case basis until all funds appropriated for that year are expended.
  • If the request is approved, the applicant must enter into a written contract with the City.
  • Unless the City determines otherwise, the applicant will manage the project.

Access and complete an application.