Applicable Codes

The City of Sugar Land has adopted the 2021 International Codes, including building, fire, residential, property maintenance, energy, mechanical and plumbing, as well as the 2020 National Electrical Code, as amended per Ordinance 2320. The city enforces these codes and the technical standards they reference.  In addition, we adhere to the latest adopted National Electrical Code per the State of Texas; which is currently the 2023 National Electrical Code.  To obtain building permits or certificates of occupancy, compliance with Sugar Land design standards and development codes are required.

New Development Plans

Plans for new commercial ground-up construction:

  • Cannot be submitted until a site plan has been submitted 
  • Cannot be released until the site plan has been approved

Please call 281-275-2218 for site plans questions.

Submission of Commercial Plans

  1. Complete plan set including, but not limited to, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing details and specifications from a registered design professional will be required per. 2021 IBC, Chapter 1, Section 107.
  2. Submittals (Initial & Resubmittal) are to be a Complete Clean Plan SET (no deferrals allowed) and ALL applicable documents. A revision submittal only requires plan sheets and documents affected by revision to be submitted. Plan set and documents to include, but not limited to, tenant use letter, resubmittal/revision/comment response narratives, scope of work, architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire, existing floor plan, emergency egress plan, health, site plan (building, electrical, plumbing/utility), any supporting documents, energy compliance, asbestos reports, third party inspection reports, special inspection requirements/reports, manufacture specifications, safety data sheets, TAS/TDLR #, POA letter, etc. formatted as one PDF and submitted in the CSS portal as one attachment.
  3. All plan sheets to be of the same size and to scale.
  4. POA (Property Owners Association) submittal verification
  5. Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations submittal verification letter required where the total estimated construction cost is $50,000.00 or greater.