Become a Sugar Land budget influencer with the budget simulator!

Every year, the City goes through a budget process where decisions are made that determine how tax dollars are spent. A few of the services typically funded in the budget include roads and infrastructure maintenance, water treatment and drainage, parks and recreation, and public safety.

The city budget is a reflection of what is important to our community as it shapes and impacts what the future will look like.

You can influence the budget process now!

Yes, right from your computer or mobile device - now. Through our budget simulator tool, you will help us understand what is important to you, while learning about the real-world constraints the city faces.


What is the Budget Simulator?


The budget simulator is an interactive tool that allows you to make decisions in a simulated budget planning process and provides insight into the commitments that need to be made to ensure a balanced city budget. A balanced budget is important because it ensures our city's financial health and long-term stability.

As you use the tool, you will learn more about:

  1. Where the city's money comes from and the cost of services the city provides
  2. The relationship between choosing to fund certain services and not others and how it affects the city’s budget

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