Information about the obstruction removal project at the Sugar Land Regional Airport

The Sugar Land Regional Airport will soon comply with a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirement to remove trees that present a hazard for aircraft approaching and/or departing north of the runway.

Key Points

  • Obstruction mitigation is required by the FAA and necessary to ensure the safe operation of the airport.
  • The project will be funded by Sugar Land Regional Airport. The Airport is a self-supporting business that does not utilize general fund tax dollars.
  • This project is unrelated to ongoing Cullinan Park improvements that will provide the community with additional walking and jogging opportunities in nature, while preserving existing native hardwood trees.
  • In order to ensure that the cleared area continues to benefit Cullinan Park visitors, the airport intends to provide improvements to the affected area compatible with the safe operation of aircraft.
    • This project will be coordinated with the Sugar Land Parks and Recreation Department and the Cullinan Park Conservancy.


Complying with the FAA requirement

  • The Sugar Land Regional Airport commissioned an engineering firm to complete a ground and aerial survey to quantify tree height and penetration distance into the approach airspace.
  • It was determined that 6.7 acres of the 754 acre Cullinan Park will need to be cleared to comply with the FAA mandate and ensure public safety.
    • The height of the trees has created dangerous conditions for aircraft approaching and/or departing north of the runway.
    • The trees – mostly non-native invasive species -- will be removed from the 6.7 acres. 
    • The 6.7 acres was mostly empty when the city purchased the airport in 1990. Since that time, the acreage has been overtaken with non-native invasive trees such as Chinese Tallows and other fast-growing species. 

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