Flood Warnings

Urgent/Emergency Notifications

The emergency alert system is a communication service available to all Sugar Land residents to receive urgent/emergency alerts and notifications. All residents are encouraged to sign up.

Additional Notification Channels

The City of Sugar Land utilizes a variety of channels during emergency events, including:

Integrated Storm Water Management Model (ISWMM)

The City of Sugar Land has developed the Integrated Storm Water Management Model (ISWMM) to assist in forecasting ponding in the City, available to the public here. ISWMM utilizes 28 rain/stream gages across the City to collect real-time rainfall data and stream data to predict street ponding depths across the City.

If you want to receive alerts to high water in streams near your residence or business in the City of Sugar Land, you can sign up for alerts through the flood warning system, managed by the Harris County Flood Control District for the City of Sugar Land.