Capital Projects

FY22 CIP $59.1 million

FY22 capital projects total $59,099,965. Approximately $30 million of the CIP projects are from the 2019 voter approved GO Bond propositions. The projects funded in FY22 are:

Drainage $22,704,000: Riverbend Inlets and Pipes Replacement, Austin Park and Chimneystone Drainage Improvements, Avalon, Brazos Landing & Commonwealth Drainage Improvement Phase I, Telfair Drainage Improvements, and Covington Woods Drainage Improvements.  

Water $15,844,400: Ground Storage Tank Rehabilitation, Distribution System Water Main Rehabilitation, SCADA Improvements, City Wide Generator Assessment, Main System Water Modeling and Capacity Recommendations, Utilities Costs for Soldiers Field and Ransom Road Projects, Well Rehabilitation, Ground Water Plant Rehabilitation, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

Wastewater $10,020,000: Collection Systems, Lift Stations Analysis and Rehabilitation, Citywide Generator Assessment, Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements (North Plant), and West Wastewater Treatment Plan Expansion Study.

Surface Water $35,000: Groundwater Plant Surface Water Conversion.

Parks $350,000: Joint Participation in CIP and Old Imperial Farm Cemetery Improvements.

Airport $441,565:Parallel Taxiway Relocation and Hangars. 

Streets $3,750,000: Major Street Rehabilitation, Brooks Street and First Colony Intersection Improvements at SH6, and widening of University Blvd.

Traffic $1,905,000: Landscape Replacement for Major Roadways and Enhancement projects, Fiber Optic Cable Installation, and ITS-Railroad Monitoring, Communication and Notification System

Municipal $4,050,000: Public Arts Project, Public Safety & Public Services Building Rehabilitation, Fire/EMS Apparatus Replacement, and Public Safety Training Facility- Phase II (design).


FY22 Capital Projects

5 Yr CIP by Type

Total Funding for the FY22 CIP is $59,099,965. 

  • 2019 General Obligation Bonds: $29,964,000.
  • Revenue Bonds: $23,899,400
  • Utility System Revenues: $2,000,000
  • Sugar Land 4B Corporation: $1,000,000
  • Airport CO’s:  $441,565 
  • CIP Fund Balance: $1,795,000
FY22 CIP by Sources

Updated 2019 GO Bond Election Implementation Plan

Based on direction from the City Council the 2019 GO Bond projects will be implemented over five years- 2021 to 2025 with the needed 3 cent tax increase spread over 4 years 2021-2024.

2019 GO Bond Projects Updated Plan