Vision, Mission & Priorities

Vision 2032
  • Sugar Land 2032 is a safe, beautiful, inclusive, and environmentally responsible community
  • Sugar Land 2032 has destination activity centers, great neighborhoods, superior mobility, outstanding cultural, educational and recreational opportunities, and is a regional business center of excellence
  • Sugar Land 2032 has balanced development and redevelopment
  • The community takes pride in Sugar Land


To enhance the quality of life in the community by a commitment to excellence in the delivery of public service.

Mid-Term Priorities

Safest City in America: Feeling Safe, Rapid Response

  • Have a Rapid, Effective and Coordinated Response to an Emergency – Police, Fire, EMS, Public Works
  • Maintain People Feeling Safe, Secure and Comfortable throughout the Community
  • Maintain a Low Crime Rate in Sugar Land with a High Clearance Rate
  • Develop Effective Public Safety Communications with Adequate Staffing and Using Appropriate Technology
  • Improved All-Hazards and Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery through Better Coordination and Intergovernmental Cooperation
  • Utilizing Technology to Contribute to a Safe Community

Strong Local Economy: Growing Business Investment

  • Attract Targeted Businesses with Primary Jobs: National and International
  • Growing Tax Base: Property Tax and Sales Tax Generators
  • Develop Major Business Parks with Class A Office Environment: Tract II and Prison Property / Newland (300 Acres)
  • Expand Tourism: Venues, Marketing and Number of Visitors
  • Develop Three Destination Activity Centers – Major Community Focal Points and Regional Destinations: Brazos River Park Festival Site, TIRZ #4, Imperial Area
  • Protect Strength of Current Economic Generators

Responsible City Government: Financially Sound, Exceptional Service

  • Maintain a High Level of Citizen Satisfaction and Cost-Effective Delivery of City Services: Value for Tax Dollars
  • Continue “Championship” Workforce: Professional, Well-Trained, Appropriately Compensated, Retention / Internal Promotional Opportunities
  • Have City Employees Serve as the Primary Contact with Customers
  • Maintain Financially Responsible Government Consistent with City’s Mission
  • City of Sugar Land – a Leader in Customer Service and Superior Service
  • City and Partners Operating Efficiently and as a Service Business

Great Place to Live: Development, Redevelopment, Mobility, Environment

  • Have Predictable, Compatible Development and Land Uses Consistent with Comprehensive Plan
  • Maintain Adequate Infrastructure and Services to Support Growth and Sustain the Existing Community
  • Revitalize / Redevelop Older Commercial Centers: Appearance and Business Vitality
  • Improve Mobility within Sugar Land: Automobiles, Bicycles and Walking
  • Strive for Land Uses that Build the Wealth of the City – Balancing Property Tax Value, Sales Tax Revenue & Primary Jobs

Building Community: Diverse Cultures, Leisure, Arts

  • Develop City Facilities and Venues that Support Community Arts, Events and Festivals
  • Develop Residents’ Understanding of Civic Processes and Community Infrastructure
  • Support Community Events and Festivals of Diverse Ages and Cultures
  • Adapt to Sugar Land’s Changing Demographics
  • Expand Arts throughout the Community
Sugar Land operates under the council-manager form of government. Under this system, City Council appoints the city manager, who acts as the chief executive officer of the government. The city manager carries out policy and administers city programs. All department heads - including the city attorney, police chief and fire chief - are ultimately responsible to the city manager.

Sugar Land is a full-service municipality providing the highest quality of affordable services to meet the needs of its citizens. Master-planned communities and welcoming neighborhoods enhance home values and create a sense of belonging. The community offers outstanding schools, libraries, civic organizations and other resources that make Sugar Land a great place to work, live and raise a family.