Vision, Mission & Priorities

A Bold Vision for the Future.

For over 60 years, the City of Sugar Land has been the regional standard-bearer in government accessibility, transparency, and openness in the delivery of the high level of services our citizens expect. 

This can only be accomplished by a commitment to bold and thoughtful thinking designed to make life sweeter and more refined for the people and businesses that call Sugar Land home.

Sugar Land Reimagined

The evolution of Sugar Land requires us to re-imagine the city and provide for future success. This mindset continues to provide a guidepost to distinguish ourselves from others and seek opportunities that break from the norm. In short, we are setting out to do things differently.

Success Through Strategic Outcomes

Re-imagining the future requires us to have a bold vision – one that supports a next generation competitive advantage in the lifecycle of our city and focuses on initiatives intended to address City Council’s vision. Strategic Outcomes were recently identified by City Council that reflect the community’s priorities.

To achieve these Strategic Outcomes, we are implementing a “First-Team Mindset.” This means our resources will galvanize to support these outcomes. City teams are participating in what we call “All-in Initiatives” which bring resources from all levels of the organization to work together. As part of this process, a number of priorities have been identified.

We are very excited about where this new strategic journey will take us knowing that the best is yet to come for Sugar Land.

Sugar Land's Strategic Outcomes

The 2-Year Action Plan: Where Vision and Action Intersect

The 2-Year Action Plan highlights the strategic direction of the City of Sugar Land.

The Two-Year Action Plan is where the vision of the community and the daily actions of our Championship Workforce intersect; it’s where the longer-term vision meets our highest organizational priorities. 

Linked to the Governing Body’s Strategic Outcome Areas, this document includes the organization’s internal Focus Area Objectives & Guiding Statements – along with our annual work plan of “All-In” Initiatives and “Leadership-Championed” Projects.  

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