Here are some ways you can help fight the bite

The city sprays for mosquitoes to reduce the potential spread of mosquito-borne diseases. When spraying is required, the service will be performed on Tuesday and Friday nights, during the months of May through October. Spraying will begin each evening at approximately 9 p.m and continue until the entire city has been treated. Larvacide applications are also routinely performed citywide in order to help eliminate mosquito breeding sites. 

In addition to the city's efforts, here are some ways you can help fight the bite!

-DUSK & DAWN are the times mosquitoes are most active, stay inside if possible

-DRAIN standing water where mosquitoes breed such as clogged gutters or birdbaths

-DEET defend yourself using insect repellent containing DEET or picaridin

-DRESS in long sleeves and pants, when outdoors  

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