Draft Design Standards

After implementing initial changes to the HR-1 zoning regulations in 2020 based on community input, City staff gathered feedback from The Hill property owners on implementing the remaining Phase I recommendations identified in 2019. This time, proposed changes focus on managing building size and scale to ensure that new construction is compatible with the existing neighborhood.

The Hill Design Standards Options Survey CompleteMeetings Agendas

City staff mailed a survey requesting input on different design standards options to all of The Hill property owners. The survey was open from October 30, 2020 to December 10, 2020. The survey described what could be built in The Hill under the current standards, and then asked property owners to consider several alternatives that would limit the size and scale of new construction while meeting the needs of today’s modern families. City staff held a virtual public meeting in November 2020 to explain the standards options presented in the survey. The Survey is linked below along with the recommended design standards for implementation. The next step is to move forward in writing an ordinance to implement the community's desired design standards.

Design Standards Recommended for Implementation

After reviewing the survey feedback, the Hill Neighborhood Steering Committee recommends implementing the standards in the table linked below. Staff is currently writing the ordinance language to implement the standards and will present a draft to the Planning and Zoning Commission in a public hearing. Prior to the public hearing, the draft regulations will be available for community review.

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Recommended Design Regulations

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Building To Lot Width Ratio

Building-to-lot-width Ratio is a new tool that will be implemented to limit the building width in proportion to lot width. The following video explains how this regulation would be applied. Please note that this video was created to assist Hill property owners in answering a survey that closed on December 10, 2020.