Design Standards Options

After implementing initial changes to the HR-1 zoning regulations earlier this year based on community input, City staff is requesting The Hill property owners' feedback on implementing the remaining Phase I recommendations identified in 2019. This time, proposed changes to the HR-1 zoning regulations focus on managing building size and scale to ensure that new construction is compatible with the existing neighborhood. 

City staff mailed a survey to all property owners of The Hill requesting input on different design standards options. The survey describes and illustrates what could be built in The Hill under the current design standards, and then asks property owners to consider several alternatives that would limit the size of new construction while meeting the needs of today’s modern families.

The following videos are an additional resource to completing the survey. Each video provides a summary of the design standard options for several topics presented in the survey.

Hill Property Owners Complete Your Survey By December 5th!

Complete the 30–40 minute survey by either:

  1. Returning the paper survey mailed to property owners October 30th, or
  2. Accessing  the survey online. Enter the Unique ID included in the paper survey. Please email if you do not have your Unique ID. 

Your feedback will direct the Steering Committee and city staff on how to move forward in writing an ordinance to implement the community's desired design standards.

Building to Lot Width Ratio

Building Height and Size

Additions & Garages

Mature Trees