Fiscal Year 2020

Bid Type Bid # Bid Description Status Tab Award
ITB 2020-01 Granular Activated Carbon Award View View
CIP 2020-001 Lift Station Rehabilitation Award View View
ITB 2020-02 High Site 2 Project Award View View
CIP 2020-002 Woodchester Water No. 4, Sugar Creek Water Well No. 2, and Greatwood Water Well No. 1 Rehabilitations Award View View
ITB 2020-06 ITB US90A Landscape Median Rehabilitation Phase II Award View View
ITB 2020-04 Manhole and Valve Repair Services Rebid View  
CIP 2020-003 Central Drive Pond Outfall Modification and Oyster Creek Weir at Dulles Modification Project Award View View
CIP 2020-004 Riverbend Country Club Spillway Repairs Award View View
ITB 2020-07 Purchase of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Rebid View  
ITB 2020-08 Parks Landscape Maintenance Services Award View View
ITB 2020-09 Sign Maintenance Work Award View View
RFP 2020-11 COSL Street Pavement Assessment Award View View
ITB 2020-13 Manhole and Valve Repair Services Award View View
ITB 2020-10 Comprehensive User Fee Study Award View View
ITB 2020-12 Purchase of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Award View View
RFP 2020-05 Delinquent Debt Collection Services Award View View
ITB 2020-14 Storm Sewer Inspections Award View View
CIP 2020-005 Settlers Park, Greenfield West, and Mesquite North Drainage Improvements Project Award View View
CIP 2020-006 US90A at SH99 Water Line Relocation Award View View
ITB 2020-17 Pavement Marking Maintenance Not Awarded View  
CIP 2020-007 Utilities Security Phase III Rebid View  
RFQ 2020-16 Communications Infrastructure Master Plan Not Awarded View  
RFP 2020-15 Professional Audit Services Award View View
CIP 2020-010 Groundwater Plant Upgrades Award View View
CIP 2020-012 US90A Drainage Improvements for Sugar Land Airport Taxiway Award View View
CIP 2020-011 Sugar Land Surface Water Plant Yard Pipe and Aerial Crossings Recoating Project Award View View
CIP 2020-013 Mayfield Park Restroom Site Work Not Awarded View View
CIP 2020-014 Sweetwater Boulevard and Alcorn Bayou Bridge Repairs Award View View
CIP 2020-008 Mayfield Park Restroom Site Work Rebid View  
ITB 2020-19 On-Call Pump and Motor Repairs Award View View
ITB 2020-18 Parks Custodial Services Award View View
CIP 2020-015 Brazos River Park Road Extension Award View View
CIP 2020-017 Major Facility Rehabilitation (Roofing)   View  
ITB 2020-20 Paint Pavement Marking Services   View  
CIP 2020-016 Gun Range Road Access   View  
CIP 2020-019 Utilities Security Phase III   View  
ITB 2020-21 Bridge Rehabilitation for Various Locations   View  
CIP 2020-018 Ground Storage Tank Rehabilitation   View  
CIP 2020-021 Grants Lake Water Well, Thompson Chapel Water Well and Boulder Oaks Water Well No. 3 Rehabilitations   View  
CIP 2020-020 Riverbend Arch Siphon Pipe Rehab Project   View  
ITB 2020-23 City-Wide Street Sweeping Services   View  
ITB 2020-25 US Customs Renovation Project Phase 1   View  
CIP 2020-022 Flood Control Improvements - Dam III Oyster Creek at Lexington   View  
CIP 2020-023 Sugar Creek Drainage Improvements Montclair Boulevard - Phase I   View  
CIP 2020-024 Fueling Station - Public Works Station   View  
CIP 2020-025 Lift Station Rehabilitation   View