Sugar Land Receives Awards for Government Experience

The City of Sugar Land has been recognized with two Government Experience Awards from the Center for Digital Government.

The Government Experience Awards recognize the achievements and best practices of states, cities and counties that are pushing the boundaries on how city services are delivered. Sugar Land was recognized in the two categories: the Government Experience COVID-19 Project Award and the Overall City Digital Experience Award. 

Government Experience Project Award – Winner

This was a special COVID-19 project based award. Our submission, “Navigating a Global Pandemic Amidst City Leadership Changes,” is one of five winners in this category. Other winners include Austin, TX, Gilbert, AZ, Mesa, AZ, and San Antonio, TX. A brief description of our submitted project that was included in our application:

With COVID-19, there was no alert that triggered City response. The invisible threat to human life that spread across the globe did not come with a standard operating procedure that provided an action threshold and told local governments now is the time to do something. Luckily, the City of Sugar Land didn't need to be told. With sanitizing procedures, new inspection processes, updates to first-responder training, facility safeguard purchases, supply chain acquisition, and collaboration with regional and state partners to testing sites, to name a few, the City took action. Through a robust and streamlined Emergency Operations Center structure, the City was able to curb the spread of COVID-19 by taking action for employees, residents, businesses and intergovernmental stakeholders. The crisis communication efforts began in mid-March, establishing a process that would keep these stakeholders informed each step of the way.

Government Experience Overall City Digital Experience – Finalist

This award highlights the best digital experiences cities have to offer. Our entry specifically targets the work of our Office of Communications and Community Engagement team, with an emphasis on social media and content strategy.  Sugar Land was named a finalist in this category. First place winners include San Diego, CA, El Paso, TX, St. Louis, MO, Mesa, AZ, and Montgomery, AL. Other finalists are Gilbert, AZ, Pasadena, CA, Richardson, TX, and Santa Monica, CA. 

We think about them all the time – while we're waiting at a stoplight, running through the park, walking up the steps to City Hall. They're always on our mind, which is why they drive everything we do. Residents. "How can we communicate this to them?" "How can we make that process easier for them?" "What's the best way for them to give us feedback on that?" "Will they want to have that conversation on that platform?" It's with residents in the driver's seat that the Communications and Community Engagement team creates content and makes decisions to educate, engage and empower our community. Specifically, we aim for them to either learn something new, become an active member of their community or feel a sense of pride living in the sweetest city in Texas. From online, real-time town halls to photogrammetry, we employ various technology to ensure residents understand the issues in our city well enough to actively participate.