About the Plan

Mobility has been identified as the number one priority of Sugar Land residents. The City of Sugar Land is embarking on a transformative planning effort that will address the City’s mobility needs today and propel the City into the future. The community-led Mobility Master Plan (Mobility Plan) will support mobility for all through a portfolio of solutions centered on transportation network enhancements and innovation focused on moving people and goods. The proposed Mobility Plan will encompass all modes including walking, biking, driving, and/or taking transit. Sugar Land strives to be a leader in mobility and this Plan will create a road map to comprehensively address the mobility needs of residents and visitors today and support the success of generations to come.

Taking a Different Approach

The City’s new approach to mobility planning will integrate the Master Thoroughfare Plan, the Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan, and the Comprehensive Mobility Plan, with the goal to improve mobility by documenting clear policy guidance across all modes of transportation in a new Mobility Master Plan. 

Master Thoroughfare Plan

Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan

Comprehensive Mobility Plan

The Mobility Plan is the first step in a multi-step approach to mobility planning and will provide city-wide strategic guidance for mobility. Once the Mobility Plan is complete, the next step is to develop area plans that will allow the City to work with key stakeholders directly impacted by proposed mobility projects and programs in their area and to develop solutions for local mobility issues based on policy guidance from the Mobility Master Plan.

Existing Mobility Planning Structure


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New Mobility Planning Structure