City of Sugar Land continues to meet goals during COVID-19 pandemic

The Goal Measures dashboard, which highlights the performance of the 30 key operations of the City, shows that Sugar Land has maintained high safety standards as well as development and construction measures, said Kylie Jackson, Innovation Manager for the City of Sugar Land.

“The impacts of COVID-19 began to be noticed towards the end of quarter two, but we knew that the real impacts would not be felt until Quarter 3,” Jackson said.

At the same time the City was working to minimize the negative effects of city services due to the pandemic, the city was performing its quarterly performance review to understand where further attention needs to be focused

The City, having met its donation goal for the year in quarter two, continued to receive more donations from the community. And while the sales tax for quarter three fell short of the goal, the City immediately began short and long-term financial planning efforts, one of which was the inception of the Sweet Cash program, which helps stimulate the local economy while maintaining social distancing practices.

The Goal Measures Dashboard is available at