Statement from SLPD's Chief Robins

What happened to George Floyd was an unacceptable, vicious act of violence. His death was by any measure of professional policing absolutely unnecessary, avoidable and criminal.  I think we can all agree that as a result of this horrific injustice, our nation is enraged and is demanding meaningful change, and I share their outrage and expectation for justice. 

The Sugar Land Police Department has worked hard to partner with our diverse community to ensure an environment of respect, safety and equitable treatment for everyone. This is reflected in policies and procedures we have in place to ensure police fairness and equitable treatment among the citizens we are sworn to protect. It is my commitment that we continue to hold ourselves to the highest standard of professional conduct and look for new ways to break down barriers between law enforcement and our minority communities.  

To this end, we recognize there's a need right now to come together and heal as a community.  The public has a constitutional right to peacefully protest, and SLPD stands ready to work with our community to facilitate this need should there be interest. We will also continue working closely with our business community to ensure our community remains safe.

Chief Robins Photo