2021-2025 Capital Improvement Program

FY21 Capital Projects $27.65M

The FY21 CIP implements the first phase of voter approved GO bond projects, focusing on projects to address structural flooding as well as continued investment in utility system infrastructure as we prepare to meet the 60% groundwater reduction mandate.

Significant GO Bond projects funded in FY21 include:

  • Sugar Creek Drainage Improvements- Montclair Drive- Phase I
  • Austin Park/Chimneystone Drainage Improvements- Phase I (design)
  • Greatwood Village Drainage Improvements 
  • Flood Control Improvements- Dam III Oyster Creek at Lexington
  • University Blvd Widening (FBC Mobility Bond project)- (design)
  • Telfair Drainage Improvements – New Territory Blvd at Chatham (design)

FY21 GO Bond Projects- $11.8M

FY21 GO Bond CIP

FY21 Non-GO Bond CIP $15.9M

Non GO Bond CIP FY21

Five Year CIP $263.4M

The Five Year CIP program fully implements the voter approved GO bonds from November 2019 and funds construction of improvements needed to meet the 60% groundwater reduction mandate.  Revised phasing of the GO bond projects is shown in the following table.

Revised GO Bond Phasing

GO Bond Projects FY21-25 $90.76M

FIve Year GO Bond CIP

Non-GO Bond Projects FY21-25 $172.6M

Five Year CIP Non GO