Keisha Seals

Job Title

Engineering ManagerKeisha Seals

How long have you been employed with the City of Sugar Land?

13.5 years

Who is an inspirational woman in your life? Why?

My mother, Saundra Estwick, will forever be an inspiration in my life. She inspired me to be a woman of integrity, faith and to always exemplify great character. She taught me the value of working hard and never giving up in spite of life’s obstacles.

My professional mentor, Ms. Brenda Peeks, taught me how women can walk into a room and command respect without speaking a word but when it’s your turn to speak, to always speak with authority, poise and confidence, regardless of your audience. As a mentor, Ms. Peeks has exemplified the ability to balance work-life responsibilities, something that I continue to work toward. 

How are you inspiring the women in your life?

It’s very important to me to give back the time, mentoring and coaching that I’ve received in both my personal and professional life. I accomplish this first by spending time with the women God has placed in my life; encouraging, uplifting and building one another up. I also make time to go into the schools and speak to young girls inspiring to become engineers. Finally, I volunteer with various organizations to provide leadership and mentorship to the youth.