Jennifer May

Job Title

Assistant City ManagerJenniferMay_01

How long have you been employed with the City of Sugar Land?

13 years and 9 months

Who is an inspirational woman in your life? Why?

There are so many, but the one I want to share about is my friend Angela.  Angela and I met just after we graduated college through the University of Kansas and our Master of Public Administration Program, which means she also has worked in public service.  Angela inspires me because — in the face of a devastating ALS diagnosis two years ago — she is bravely using her voice to not only raise awareness about this disease, but to also share her experiences about what friendship looks like when you are dying.  Every day, through her bravery and honesty, she inspires me and reminds me about the importance of connection, friendship, and empathy — and showing up for each other.

How are you inspiring the women in your life?

Mostly I am just trying to be myself and authentically share about my experiences — both the good and the hard things.  While stories of success can encourage others to dream, I ultimately think the most helpful inspiration comes from having people in your life who are able to sit with you when life is hard and maybe even speak some hope into those hard times —  whether that’s seasons of anxiety, the frustration that comes with life not looking like you hoped it would by a certain age or just a difficult situation at work.