60th Anniversary

Image of main banner for Sugar Land's 60th anniversary website

Happy 60th Birthday, Sugar Land!

On December 29, 1959, Sugar Land was officially incorporated. Some of our City staff, community members and local dance groups couldn't help but break out in song and dance just thinking about this major milestone! View our special music video created in honor of the City's 60th Anniversary. 

In Honor of our 60th Year

60th Anniversary Oral History Project

The Project features oral histories and portraits celebrating the past 60 years of Sugar Land. 

Learn more about Sugar Land history

Visit the history section on our website and learn more about the early settlers, company town roots, incorporation in 1959, and its present growth and expansion. You can also check out our interactive historical timeline.

Share your Sugar Land Way Story

In honor of the City’s 60th anniversary on December 29, 2019, the City launched a formal way for the community to share their Sugar Land Way stories. The initiative focuses on celebrating all of the things that make Sugar Land such a unique and special place. 

  • Submit your own story to recognize your fellow community members and city staff who exhibit the Sugar Land Way. Some submitted stories may be featured on our social media channels.

Past Celebration Activities

60th Anniversary Swag!

Many of our celebration activities included ways to win prizes in the form of exclusive 60th Anniversary Swag (while supplies lasted). Prizes included one or more of the following, depending on the contest:

T-Shirt or Keychain


Sugar Land Mug


Tumbler or Tote Bag