Project: Public Safety & Public Services Building Rehabilitation

The Facilities Condition Assessment & Building Maintenance Records have identified City facilities to rehabilitate for functionality. 

The City of Sugar Land is charged with the responsibility of operating, maintaining and repairing over seventy municipal buildings, including City Hall, multiple Fire Stations, the Police Department, the Public Works Service Center and the T.E. Harman Center.

In 2012, the City of Sugar Land contracted with a consultant to perform a facility condition assessment of City-owned facilities. The assessment evaluated the condition of the facilities, created an inventory of facility infrastructure, identified existing deficiencies and forecasted capital funding requirements. The City has worked over the years to address the deficiencies identified within the assessment; however, the City’s buildings have continued to age, and Hurricane Harvey highlighted several key issues, including roof and building envelope concerns. 

In the past, the City has completed repairs such as roof, building envelope and mechanical equipment replacements, building foundation repairs, and life/safety system upgrades on buildings including but not limited to City Hall, the Police Department, City Hall Annex, Fire Stations and the Public Works Service Center. 

Continued building rehabilitation supports a physical environment that allows and promotes the delivery of services to Sugar Land residents. 

Work identified within this project includes items such as the roof replacement at City Hall and building envelope improvements to various city facilities to reduce the impacts of water penetration.