General Court Information

Making a Court Appearance

An initial court appearance is called an arraignment. 

Information about the arraignment process, when they are held, court behavior, proper court attire, and what is allowed and not allowed in the courtroom. Included in this information are options for handling your citation without making a court appearance. You will read instructions for rescheduling a court date and an explanation of what can happen if you do not appear for your appointed court date.


Read the definition of a juvenile and learn how they are charged in court.

Court Dockets

The court dockets are published here for your viewing.

Recording Proceedings

No person, other than the court reporter, may record a court proceeding without the court’s permission. This prohibition applies to all persons, including members of the public viewing court proceedings on any court’s live stream and to persons with the ability to record any virtual court proceeding. Any person found to be in violation of this order faces contempt proceedings, including a fine of up to $100 and a sentence of confinement for up to three (3) days in jail for each act of contempt of court.