Project History

Phase I

The Hill Community Engagement strategic project began in 2018 at the request of residents and implements an action item of the City's Land Use Plan. During Phase I, The Hill Neighborhood Steering Committee and city staff focused on engaging The Hill Community and understanding if they desired to address the changing character of The Hill.

"Connecting Over Coffee - Vision for The Hill" Neighborhood Listening Sessions (Nov. 2018)

Listening SessionTo kick off public engagement with The Hill, the Steering Committee and city staff hosted three neighborhood listening sessions where attendees learned about the background and purpose the project. The purpose of these meetings was to have an open dialogue with the neighborhood and discuss if there is community interest in modifying the development standards to maintain the existing character of the neighborhood. The small group sessions gave attendees the opportunity to express their thoughts about their neighborhood, including redevelopment.

Read a summary of the feedback from all three neighborhood listening sessions.

Public Meeting 1 (Dec. 2018)Public Meeting 1

As a continuation to the neighborhood listening sessions, the Steering Committee and city staff held a public meeting with The Hill neighborhood. The purpose of the meeting was to present the project to the community and gather initial feedback on how residents and property owners felt about the character of The Hill.

Read a summary of the feedback from Public Meeting 1.

Vision for The Hill Survey (Dec. 2018-Feb. 2019)

In conjunction with the public meeting, the City released a survey to The Hill neighborhood via the city’s Online Town Hall platform. Paper surveys were also available upon request. The purpose of the survey was to understand whether the current redevelopment that is resulting in new and larger homes is a concern to the community and if so, how it should be addressed.

Read a summary of the survey results.

Public Meeting 2 (July 2019)

Public_Meeting2In Public Meeting 2, The Hill Steering Committee and city staff presented the results of the Vision for The Hill Survey that closed in February 2019. As a result of survey feedback, the Committee and staff also presented initial recommendations that included continuing the project into a Phase II. The Hill Community provided input on the Committee’s recommendations to maintain The Hill’s character and implement additional regulations. Read a summary of public meeting 2 and public input received.

Read a summary of Public Meeting 2.

Read a summary of the feedback on the Committee's recommendations presented during Public Meeting 2. 

Phase II

The Hill Community supported moving forward with Phase II of the project, which focuses on implementation of Phase I recommendations.

Initial Changes to the HR-1 Zoning Regulations (July 2020)

During Phase I of The Hill Community Engagement project, extensive public feedback indicated that maintaining the character of The Hill is important to The Hill community. As a result, The Hill Neighborhood Steering Committee recommended changes to the HR-1 zoning regulations to help maintain the character of The Hill. The following initial recommendations were implemented for as part of Phase II.

  • Allowing porches to be closer to the front property line, 
  • Modifying existing garage regulations,
  • Relocating HR-1 zoning regulations to a separate section within the Development Code, and
  • Including homes east of Wood Street and north of Lakeview Drive into the HR-1 zoning district.

City staff drafted development regulations for the above recommendations and reviewed with The Hill Neighborhood Steering Committee. The Hill Community was invited to provide input and received majority positive results. On July 7th, 2020, City Council held two public hearings regarding the changes above and unanimously approved Ordinances 2201 and 2202 on first reading. The following document contains the HR-1 zoning regulations, including regulations that have not changed. Any new or modified regulations are marked in yellow. 

Public Meeting 3 (Nov. 2020)

On November 18, 2020, City staff and The Hill Neighborhood Steering Committee hosted a virtual public meeting   to review design standards options presented in a survey that would maintain community character by managing building size and scale, and implement Phase I community recommendations. Following the public meeting, the community provided input on the options through a survey. Watch a video of the meeting by clicking on the video or watch it here.