Traffic Box Public Art Project

The City of Sugar Land Cultural Arts division in partnership with the Public Works department and the Sugar Land Cultural Arts Foundation have “wrapped” thirteen boxes located along Hwy 90 between Interstate Hwy 59 and Hwy 6. The City sought regionally-based artists to transform traffic signal control boxes in Sugar Land from functional infrastructure into colorful inspired works of art. The selected artists comprise a diverse cross-section of the local and regional community, and range in age from 18-years-old to adults.


  • Beautify the right-of-way
  • Provide a memorable welcome for visitors to Sugar Land
  • Enhance an area in Sugar Land that could be a future Cultural District
  • Support the City of Sugar Land’s reputation as a place to see art
  • Brighten drive for commuters
  • Engage the community and builds the capacity of local arts organizations

Temporary public art projects are one of the categories of projects determined to be most meaningful to Sugar Land and a priority for the Public Art Program’s resources.

Traffic Box Wrap Project Artists

Heather Pizzitola Layout

Heather Pizzitola
Sweet Things of Sugar Land

"As a resident of Sugar Land, I have a passion to celebrate our beautiful community and long history. My vision for the Traffic Box Wrap is to use my flat-line graphic style to illustrate iconic architecture and aspects of life in Sugar Land. The illustrations include the historic Sugar Refinery, City Hall, Constellation Field, Smart Financial Center, Railroad and Airport. Some of the activities and accent illustrations include the dragon boat races, kite festival, sugar cane fields, our lush vegetation, and more."
Location: Hwy 6 at Imperial Blvd.

Mike Doan Layout

Mike Doan
Bizzy Beeze

"The theme of Sweet Things brought to mind honey – what could be naturally sweeter? Also, Sugar Land depended on the honey bee to pollinate numerous crops in the many farms dotting the area in its distant and not-so distant past. We should all be mindful of our environment and the need to protect the beneficial insects around us."
Location: Hwy 90 at Savoy St.

Joy Chandler Layout

Joy Chandler
Sweet Transformation

"Sweet Transformation is a mixed media project that highlights two ideas: the first, the endangered Monarch Butterflies that are native to Sugar Land; and second, the metamorphosis or transformation of the beautiful City of Sugar Land. I was inspired to do this artwork by a friend, Nancy Cartie, who is a volunteer rescuer and champion of the Monarch Butterfly."
Location: Hwy 90 at Schlumberger Dr.

Lauren Luna Layout

Lauren Luna
Koi Mosaic

"I learned to do glass mosaics a few years ago, and enjoyed the challenges of a new medium. When I heard about Sugar Land’s project of having art on traffic boxes, I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to blend the knowledge of both old media (drawing) with new (mosaics), to make a faux mosaic drawing."
Location: Hwy 90 at Main St.

Rose Miao Layout (Revised)

Rose Miao

"I occasionally see these flowers on the side of the road when they bloom in the spring, and its symbolism of youth and young love reminds me of the people's love for Sugar Land and the ever-growing prosperity of this city. With this palette I want to help beautify the scenery of Sugar Land with a touch of pink year-round."
Location: Hwy 90 at Gillingham Ln.

Amanda Levermann Layout

Amanda Levermann
Sugarcane in Color

"My work shows the growth of Sugar Land as represented by colorful sugarcane plants. These plants remind me of the growth of our sweet city; from its agricultural roots to the bloom of diversity we celebrate today."
Location: Hwy 90 at Dairy Ashford Ln.

Rosa Cruz Layout

Rosa Cruz (aka Rosa Cruglez Sternmann)
Metallic Space

"Metallic Space a piece that speaks about the inclusion and diversity that we want to see in our world and society. How these elements can create an unique spatial beauty in our universe, a beauty that teach us the tolerance and the elegance of the difference and the well being and progress that can bring us if only we let it to be."
Location: Hwy 90 at University Blvd.

Judy Hope Layout

Judy Hope
Tweet, Tweet, Sweet

"Tweet, Tweet, Sweet is a vibrant uplifting reminder of beautiful things meant to give joy to passers by. It is intended to wish a good morning, offer a mid-day greeting or bring a simple smile after a long day. I painted happy birds because they're carefree and have mastered a simple approach to life. Butterflies embrace change and represent promise of good things still to come."
Location: Hwy 90 at Hwy 6 (under overpass)

Anita Nelson Layout

Anita Nelson
Sugar Gator

"Who doesn't love something sweet?? We celebrate every great occasion with a sweet treat: Weddings, birthdays, we have cake, Thanksgiving a ton of pies are consumed and Valentine’s is off the charts in the amounts sweets enjoyed. Let’s face it even alligators have a giant sweet tooth. This Sugar Gator is cooking up a few treats now. Enjoy. Sweets are a great part of life."
Location: Hwy 90 at Ulrich St.

Nataliya Scheib Layout

Nataliya Scheib
Butterfly Garden

"Butterfly Garden is a visual representation of the bright and joyful summer scene. I meticulously organized and placed all flowers and plants in pleasing overall composition, and each bloom can be recognized as in the photographic representation of a realistic flower orchard. This artwork, with the garden, full of blooming flowers and hovering butterflies, also reflects on my inner environment."
Location: Hwy 90 at Industrial Blvd.

Vivenne Dang Layout

Vivienne Dang
Lady in Blue

"My design personifies love and unity with a female representation who is left uncolored to allow many races to relate to her and feel her emotional yet strong state. The large flower symbolizes love and trust while the graphic baby’s breath represents purity of the heart. The birds are a depiction of our state bird drawing homage to Texas. I hope this design shows that people can be sweet and delicate while still empowering the belief in a strong future."
Location: Hwy 90 at Easton Ave.

Debra Jan Hall Heintschel Layout

Debra Jan Hall Heintschel
Sugar Land Train

"Inspiration for the Sugar Land Train is the rich history & economic value of commerce to Sugar Land. The train & railway portrayed with the sugar refinery reminds the community of key factors for the City's ongoing development."
Location: Hwy 90 at Brooks St.

Jamie Adams Layout

Jamie Adams

"I grew up in Arizona and was impacted by the bright colors of Mexico and the Southwest that has made its way into my art. Our family owns multiple commercial bakeries and have always used Imperial Sugar. I never could have imaged we would end up working and living in the shadow of the refinery. So excited to have some sugary treats from our family showcased on the streets of Sugar Land, Texas."
Location: Hwy 90 at Lombardy Dr.