Form of Government

Council-Manager Form of Government

Over 2,800 United States cities operate under the council-manager plan, the most successful and popular form of government in cities with a population over 10,000.

Some of the strengths of the council-manager form of government as opposed to a strong mayor form of government include:
  • All council members have equal rights
  • Obligations and opportunities
  • The power is assigned to the council as a whole
  • The city manager must be responsive in providing day-to-day public services to citizens
View the City of Sugar Land Organizational Chart.

Role of City Council

  • Appoint city manager on administrative ability
  • Approve budget
  • Establish city policy
  • Legislative body

Role of City Manager

  • Appoint and remove employees
  • Enforce laws and ordinances
  • Make recommendations to the council on general welfare of the city
  • Manage day-to-day affairs
  • Prepare budget