The Animal Advisory Board and Planning for Growth

The purpose of the Animal Advisory Board is to review and recommend procedures for the care and maintenance of animal shelter facilities and impounded animals to ensure compliance with state law; and to periodically review the City animal control ordinances and make recommendations for revisions.

Animal Advisory Board Meetings

The board is currently meeting every two months. The meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend and directly address the Animal Advisory Board with any concerns.

Meetings agendas are posted online.

Looking to the Future - Sheltering Needs

In November 2019 the City's voters approved $6.6 million in GO Bonds for a new Animal Shelter.  The GO bond funds are anticipated to have supplemental funding of $2.4 million from donations from a capital campaign for the shelter. To date, the bonds have not been issued and the capital campaign has been on hold while staff evaluates regionalization of services at the direction of City Council.

In 2017, the Animal Advisory Board's membership expanded to eleven members, and their duties were expanded to include:

  • Review of policies, programs and practices of the current animal shelter
  • Review animal capacity calculations and animal population trends
  • Review and recommend policies, programs and practices for implementation in the new animal shelter
  • Determine the shelter program needs versus wants and identify budget needs of each
  • Recommend funding options for the programming of space
  • Recommend a capital campaign for the new animal shelter

More information about the board's activities and this project is available online.