Public Engagement

Public engagement is critical to the master plan update process to identify the community’s vision for the future of Sugar Land’s parks and green space.

The Parks, Arts, Recreation, Culture, and Streetscapes Board (PARCS)

The PARCS Board is a group of nine Sugar Land residents who meet with city staff on a monthly basis. These meetings aim to gather their feedback in regards to quality of life initiatives. The PARCS board has been an integral part of the planning process. Their work includes:

  • review of all data collected
  • comment and provide direction
  • prioritization of recommendations
  • review of the draft plan

Community Meetings and Open House Events

Community meetings with specific stakeholders including senior citizens, youth sports associations, event planners, police/security providers, and others, were held to gather their feedback.

Two Open House events have been held. The first one on August 28, 2016 was held at City Hall to allow people to visit with City staff about their concerns and desires for future facilities and programs. 

The second Open House was held on October 25, 2017 to give the public another update and gain further feedback before the plan is finalized.

PROS OH - Summer 2017

Mail-in Surveys and Online Town Hall

A mail-in survey effort was made where randomly selected households throughout the City were able to participate by filling out a survey and mailing it back to us. For those not being able to attend a public meeting to provide their feedback, Online Town Halls have been used as a way to receive this feedback and provide an additional manner in which residents can get involved.

Online Town Hall

The first Online Town Hall (OTH) was launched in the Summer of 2017. The OTH requested feedback from residents around the following question:

  • What are your thoughts on the future of parks, open spaces, and recreational opportunities in Sugar Land? 

A full feedback report is available online.

An additional OTH gathered resident feedback on the final draft of the PROS Master Plan.

Resident Survey Results - Summer 2017

The survey was administered as part of the City’s efforts to plan the future for parks and recreation opportunities. The survey and its results will guide the City of Sugar Land in making improvements to the City’s existing and future parks, trails, and recreational programs to best serve the needs of residents.

Survey results are available online.

Online Town Hall