UPRR Crossing References

Residents are encouraged to direct any questions or concerns about the railroad to:

UPRR Response Management Communications Center

If reporting a malfunction in the crossing, please use the following numbers for the respective crossing.
Location Location Number
Kirkwood Dr. at US 90a 743-695P
Dairy Ashford at US 90a 745044J
Industrial at US 90a 743698K
Schlumberger Dr. at US 90a 748393E
Gillingham Ln. at US 90a 745055W
Eldridge Rd. at US 90a 743699S
Main St. at US 90a 743703E
Brooks St. at US 90a 743704L
Ulrich St. at US 90a 743706A
University at US 90a 441-027B
SH 6 at US 90a (east) 922-512N
SH 6 at US 90a (west) 922-513V
Central Prison at US 90a 743709V
Reed Rd. 922-114J