Telfair Development

The Telfair development is located to the north and south of U.S. 59 near University Boulevard. The 2,020 acres of vacant land were annexed into the City in July of 2004 in accordance with an executed development agreement between Newland Communities and the City of Sugar Land. Under the Telfair General Plan, approximately 950 acres are a mix of residential living units including traditional single-family homes, waterfront lots, and multi-family living units.

This development also includes a neighborhood civic center, elementary school, extensive trail and lake/detention system, retail and commercial space, office development, the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land, and the City’s Fire Station No. 7.


Telfair-Tract 5

Telfair-Tract 5 is approximately 95 acres at the southeast intersection of University Boulevard and US-59. The area is home to the Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land and is adjacent to the Texas Instruments campus. Telfair-Tract 5 is primarily owned in separate parcels by Telfair developer Newland Communities and the City of Sugar Land. Recently, the City and Newland Communities came together to draft a masterplan that aims to establish a cohesive layout of office and entertainment land uses, across the parcels, that will create the mixed-use destination activity center long envisioned for the property.

The revised plan responds to past citizen input and Newland Communities’ previous commitment to not include multi-family as part of the development. The senior living housing in the plan is not considered multi-family and does not allow school-age children, so it will not have an impact on school enrollment. The city has also listened closely to other community input and will ensure analysis is performed to protect quality of life in areas such as traffic, drainage and other areas.

Newland presented the draft masterplan in a public meeting and sought online feedback in 2018. The meeting allowed Newland Communities to receive feedback on the draft masterplan as they begin to prepare a formal Planned Development zoning application for the property. The application will also require multiple meetings for the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council that will include additional opportunities for public input.