Drought Contingency Plan

Sugar Land's Drought Contingency Plan is a set of regulations and restrictions on the delivery and consumption of water in the event of drought, catastrophic events, and other uncontrollable circumstances that can severely disrupt the normal supply, production, and delivery of water to customers

About the Plan

This drought contingency plan aims to:

  • Conserve the available water supply
  • Protect and preserve public health, welfare, and safety
  • Minimize the adverse impacts of water supply shortage or other water supply emergency conditions
Drought planning considers both water supplies and managing risk related to infrastructure, production, and delivery capabilities during periods of water shortages or mechanical failure. Water uses regulated or prohibited under this Drought Contingency Plan are considered to be nonessential and continuation of such uses during times of water shortage or other emergency water supply conditions are deemed to constitute a waste of water which subjects the offender(s) to penalties as defined as adopted in the City’s code of ordinances.