Charter Review Commission 2023

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.


The board is comprised of seven Sugar Land residents who are anticipated to meet twice monthly through July 2024.


Sugar Land is a “Home Rule” city governed by a City Charter. In order for citizens to ensure their system of local governance is meeting their needs, a process was established in the 1981 Charter for periodic reviews and amendments. Every five years, the Charter requires City Council to establish a citizen Charter Review Commission to study the state and condition of local governance and recommend any needed changes to achieve the goals of efficiency, effectiveness, and equity.


The charter is the city's "constitution" that sets forth the framework for how the City will operate and includes provisions for a council-manager form of government, legislative authority of the City Council, general election provisions, finance provisions and several other items outlining the governance of Sugar Land.

The Commission is charged with reviewing the Charter to ensure that it continues to provide reliable guidance in the relationship between the structure of the city government and performance; and that the structure will achieve the goals of efficiency, effectiveness, and equity. At the conclusion of their review, the Commission will make a written report to City Council of the recommendations, if any, of revisions to the Charter. The City Council may then submit the recommended changes or revisions, as it deems appropriate, to the voters for approval.