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Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Videos
Review the latest Public Meeting Agendas held in City Hall for various Council, Boards and Commissions. Each agenda contains links to related articles such as the Meeting Minutes and the Meeting Videos. City Council and Planning and Zoning meetings are streamed live online through SLTV16.

Regularly Scheduled Meetings

May 02, 2017  City Council


Other Scheduled Meetings

May 02, 2017  Sugar Land Development Corporation

The Meetings listed below will be posted as they become available

  • Animal Advisory Board
  • Building Standards Commission
  • District Town Hall
  • PARCS Board - Parks, Art, Recreation, Culture, and Streetscapes
  • Sugar Land Development Corporation
  • Sugar Land 4B Corporation
  • SL Town Square Development Authority
  • Tax Reinvestment Zone No. One
  • Tax Reinvestment Zone No. Three
  • Tax Reinvestment Zone No. Four

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