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The Public Safety Dispatchers are trained to gather critical information from citizens who may be experiencing the most difficult and traumatic times of their lives. The Public Safety Dispatchers are the first contact with citizens during times of crisis and emergency. In many instances, the Dispatcher can utilize their training to provide immediate assistance to callers without sending field units or by referring callers to other more appropriate agencies or resources.

The Sugar Land Public Safety Dispatch Center is budgeted for a staff of 14 full-time Public Safety Dispatchers, 4 Shift Supervisors, 1 Deputy Public Safety Dispatch Manager, and 1 Manager. The Public Safety Dispatchers and Shift Supervisors work various shifts in order to maintain staffing in the Dispatch center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Dispatch staffing consists of a "Call Taker," a "Fire Dispatcher" and a "Police Dispatcher". These job assignments allow each person to concentrate on one part of the job and also allows for rapid and accurate dispatching. The Public Safety Dispatchers are multi-tasked oriented individuals who can, with no trouble, do more than one thing at a time. At times, they will simultaneously be receiving a phone call, typing and watching several computer screens, as well as talking on the radio.

SLPSD Manager, Shannon Price, can be reached at (281) 275-2526 or

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