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House Watch
jQuery UI Autocomplete - Combobox The House Watch Program is designed to provide Sugar Land homeowners a means of having their residence checked periodically by an officer when they are away from home on vacation or an extended weekend. In order to participate in the program, the homeowner either stops by the Police Department or completes an on-line form.

In order for a residence to be placed on a house watch , the following criteria should be met:
  • Your house must be located within Sugar Land city limits
  • The residence must be vacated for more than 72 hours
  • No other people may be going into or around the residence while it is unoccupied
  • The occupant must have established residency at the location
  • The residence may not remain on the watch for more than three weeks

The program is intended to be a deterrent to illegal entry of the residence. It is a good crime prevention tool. The department cannot, however, place homes which are vacant or are subject to be shown by a real estate agent on house watch.

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In order to request house watch, you must reside within Sugar Land city limits. The following tools will help in determining Sugar Land residency.

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