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Water Conservation
Sugar Land Conserves
Reducing water use and preventing water loss is the focus of the City's water conservation efforts and outreach.

Education and Resources
Water Conservation Plan
Planning is key to assuring an adequate supply of water for the City's future needs.

Saving Water Indoors
Saving water inside the house is easier than you think. Committing to water conservation fortifies our community’s quality of life.

Saving Water Outdoors
Consider  a few water saving recommendations to reduce water consumption and maintain a beautiful landscape.

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Did you know?
Excessive Watering Kills
Watering too frequently drowns a plant’s roots, starving them of oxygen, and discourages root growth.

Mulch Helps and Looks Good!
Mulching landscape beds conserves water, reduces evaporation, prevents erosion, controls weeds, enriches the soil, and promotes healthy plant growth.

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